Funded by the Global Liberal Arts/Great Lakes College Association Global Challenge Grant

Objectives of this Project Include:

  1. To integrate the Challenging Borders theme into existing courses across disciplines

  2. To develop student and faculty knowledge, curiosity, self-awareness, empathy and responsibility in regard to global issues

  3. Promote campus-wide awareness of and engagement with Global Alliance partners

  4. Present our campus community with multiple perspectives on the complex issues in a complicated world

The importance of this project lies in its relevancy to all of us in virtually every discipline. We invite you to take a map and visit each of the nine projects located across campus.

Dr. Heidi Kraus, Art & Art History

Dr. Berta Carrasco de Miguel, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Grand Challenge Co-Coordinators, GLCA Global Crossroads Initiative

Challenging Borders © 2019 by Sydney Van Hulle and Jori Gelbaugh

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