Funded by the Global Liberal Arts/Great Lakes College Association Global Challenge Grant

In 2016, Hope College received a Global Crossroads Initiative grant sponsored by the Great Lakes College Association (GLCA) to complete a project entitled: Challenging Borders: Displaced Peoples. The goal of the project was to create an interactive, 3-5 minute audio-visual diaspora in multiple locations across Hope’s campus that engages interdisciplinary and cultural issues related to themes of migration, displaced persons, and refugees. Nine faculty/student collaborative projects were selected from across divisions to participate.

Objectives of the Project

1. To integrate the Challenging Borders theme into existing courses across disciplines

2. To develop student and faculty knowledge, curiosity, self-awareness, empathy and responsibility in regard to global refugee crises

3. Promote campus-wide awareness of and engagement with Global Alliance partners

4. Present our campus community with multiple perspectives on the complex issues surrounding migration, displaced persons, and refugees

5. Simulate a sense of place, space, and movement in a sensory interactive and visual learning experience

The importance of this project lies in its relevancy to all of us in virtually every discipline. We invite you to take a map and visit each of the nine projects located across campus.

Dr. Heidi Kraus, Art & Art History

Dr. Berta Carrasco de Miguel, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Grand Challenge Co-Coordinators, GLCA Global Crossroads Initiative

Challenging Borders © 2019 by Sydney Van Hulle and Jori Gelbaugh

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