The Complexities of the Immigrant Experience

In my First Year Seminar class we collaborated with a professional photographer to create a photography collage project in which we tried to visually portray the complexities, contradictions, and commonalities across various immigrant experiences. Each student contributed one photograph along with a short description; all of the photos were then assembled into one collage.

Deborah Van Duinen
Associate Professor, Department of Education
COLLABORATORS: Dr Hani Henry, The American University in Cairo & Dr Allen Kim, International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan)
STUDENT COLLABORATORS: Isadora Baughman, Alexandra Berger, Evan Bright, Susan Erickson, Ashley Gruber, Jeremiah Jones, Elizabeth Leon, Madalyn Osbourne, Novena Petracaj, Hannah Ray, Zayra Santos, Erin Schloff, Rachel Tishkoff, Samantha Tracy, Alondra Villanueva, Elizabeth Vizcarra, Neil Weeda, Aurora Wernette

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