A Voice to Balance the Negative Rhetoric About Refugees

This short video provides a counterbalance to the negative attitudes and comments about people who are fleeing war-torn areas of the world. It is important that other voices and viewpoints can be heard regarding the important issue of how best to help those in critical need.

Click to download the PDF infographic, which presents a counter voice to the negative attitudes and often bombastic rhetoric surrounding people who are fleeing war-torn areas of the world. Interacting with the infographic helps viewers develop a more nuanced view of the complex and important issue of refugees and current refugee crises.

Jayson Dibble
Associate Professor, Department of Communication
COLLABORATOR: Adeel Ahmad Aamir, Forman Christian College
STUDENT COLLABORATORS (VIDEO): Brooke Hubbel, Elijah Yang, Meredith Martin,
Freddy Velazquez
STUDENT COLLABORATORS (INFOGRAPHIC): Mallory Reader, Kelley Wheeler, Hannah Wolthuis, Allison Hopkins

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