Finding Truth in Fiction: Danticat & Ur-Rehman's Short Stories Offer the True Challenge(s)
of Borders

In examining the short stories of Haitian-American Edwidge Danticat and Pakistani Saeed Ur-Rehman, the students of Advanced Fiction Writing discover how and where the "official story" of the challenge(s) of borders stands in opposition to, often dismissing or silencing, the "real story," as writer Junot Diaz phrases it. In this discovery, we also recognize that "truth" is rooted just as strongly in what some would define as "not true" -- fiction -- as it is in mainstream and partisan sources of nonfiction.

Susanna Childress
Assistant Professor, English Department
COLLABORATOR: Dr. Saeed Ur-Rehman, Forman Christian University (Pakistan)
STUDENT COLLABORATORS: Kelsey Payne, Lindsay Hall, Rebekah VanSlooten, Lauren Marchany

Challenging Borders © 2019 by Sydney Van Hulle and Jori Gelbaugh

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